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nuco.cloud Partners with ColdStack, Taking Decentralized Cloud Computing Up A Notch

02 April 2024 14:19, UTC

In a landmark collaboration that sets a new benchmark for the cloud computing industry, nuco.cloud, a leader in decentralized cloud computing through their mesh hyperscaler, is excited to announce its strategic partnership with ColdStack, the premier decentralized cloud aggregator.

This partnership heralds a new era for cloud computing, by integrating Coldstack’s innovative storage solutions into the nuco.cloud ecosystem, they’re expanding beyond just cloud computing, further including cost-effective cloud storage. This integration positions nuco.cloud as a comprehensive, one-stop solution for both computing and storage needs, enhancing value and convenience for our users.

A Fusion of Vision and Technology

The synergy between nuco.cloud and ColdStack exemplifies a shared vision to democratize and simplify access to cloud computing. By enabling users to monetize their unused computing capacities, this partnership not only champions an economically and environmentally sustainable model but also fosters a global community where mutual benefits prevail.

Offering cost savings of up to 90% compared to conventional providers, and additional discounts through the NCDT token, the collaboration between nuco.cloud and ColdStack sets a new precedent for accessible, secure, and affordable cloud computing services.

nuco.cloud distinguishes itself from traditional cloud computing services like Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud by offering a decentralized, dynamic pricing model based on supply and demand within a crypto ecosystem that rewards participation. This innovative approach and ColdStack’s decentralized storage solutions present a compelling alternative to the static pricing and centralized control prevalent in today’s market.

Since its inception, nuco.cloud has been dedicated to redefining the landscape of cloud computing. Achievements such as receiving BAFA funding, engaging in strategic partnerships, and reaching significant development milestones underscore nuco.cloud’s commitment to innovation. The roadmap ahead is focused on expanding infrastructure, enhancing security, and broadening use cases to create a comprehensive ecosystem for decentralized computing.

Empowering a Sustainable and Secure Future

By opting for nuco.cloud, users not only benefit from more affordable services but also contribute to a more sustainable and secure digital environment. The partnership ensures data integrity without duplication to third-party servers, providing on-demand access from any device, anywhere. This approach not only conserves resources but also supports noble causes, such as scientific research while offering users the opportunity to earn money through the monetization of their unused computing power.

About nuco.Cloud

nuco.cloud is a pioneering platform in decentralized cloud computing, leveraging blockchain technology to offer scalable, secure, and cost-effective computing resources. By utilizing the unused capacities of devices and data centers worldwide, nuco.cloud provides a sustainable and innovative alternative to traditional cloud services, emphasizing community, innovation, and environmental responsibility.

nuco.cloud, recently commended by the go-inno program of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Protection (BMWK) for its pioneering approach, is at the forefront of revolutionizing cloud computing. With a firm commitment to ISO 56002:2021 standards for innovation management; nuco.cloud is poised to drive future-oriented product and project success in the cloud computing domain.

About Coldstack

ColdStack is the world’s first decentralized cloud storage aggregator, revolutionizing data storage with AI-driven optimization. By offering a single entry point to various decentralized storage options, ColdStack delivers a secure, transparent, and affordable solution for data storage, transforming the cloud storage landscape with efficiency and user empowerment.

ColdStack brings unparalleled expertise to this partnership as the first-to-market decentralized cloud aggregator, providing a unified entry point to any Decentralized Storage Network (DSN). With its proprietary AI-based pipeline, ColdStack optimizes storage costs by up to 80%, ensuring users benefit from the most cost-efficient and secure data storage solutions.

Its S3-compatibility means projects can leverage any AWS library or SDK, facilitating a smooth transition to ColdStack’s system with minimal integration efforts. Furthermore, the $CLS token empowers users to interact with the ColdStack platform free from concerns of censorship or interference, available globally on both Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain.