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Hotbit Global Participates in Vietnam Blockchain Global Day 2022 Event

Hotbit team participated at the Blockchain Global Day event held in Ho Chi Minh on July 29th. This is the first Blockchain exhibition in Vietnam - took place at the Saigon Exhibition & Convention Center (SECC), and attracted the participation of a large number of young people, besides experts, client.

Hotbit Global attended Blockchain Global Day 2022 event in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

Blockchain Global Day 2022 is themed "Into the Infinity Con-Verse" (into the world of unlimited digital transformation), with the aim of solving problems that hinder the development of Blockchain (Blockchain technology), from public awareness, professional human resources to capital and legal basis in Vietnam. The event had the presence of a large number of domestic and international experts, besides thousands of young people and customers interested in this field.

Vietnamese and International Blockchain Industry Leaders Attended

Hotbit, as one of the sponsors, also attended this event with dynamic young members. Hotbit has really entered the Vietnamese market from May 2022, but with the market demand and the desire to support users in Vietnam as much as possible. Hotbit has now become a partner of nearly 100 large organizations and communities in Vietnam. By sponsoring and directly participating in this event, Hotbit has shown a clear interest in users and the Vietnamese market.

At the event, the Hotbit team met, listened, and shared experiences with the top 5 Blockchain projects at this event about the situation and future potential of Blockchain in general and Crypto in particular. Hotbit also always welcomes talented actors to accompany Hotbit in the near future.

Hotbit also always welcomes talented actors to accompany Hotbit in the near future

In a conversation with Mr. Scofield - Founder of BSC Station, both agreed on the view that the market going down is when the platforms and projects need to shrink and speed up the improvement and upgrade of the system, prepare for the market boom in the near future. Hotbit and BSC Station will also have more specific discussions in the near future to discuss cooperation between the two sides.

In a conversation with Mr. Rubby Nguyen - Marketing Manager of VNDT, a unit that researches and publishes e-wallets and stable coins, the two also shared about the potential for developing cryptocurrencies. death in the Vietnamese market. Vietnam is in the group of countries with the largest number of participants in the cryptocurrency market, the popularity is quite high (2nd in the world, 2020 data). Hopefully the downtrend phase will pass quickly and the market will be as active as the beginning of 2020.

In addition, Hotbit also had quick discussions with the leading representative of YGG SEA- subDAO of YGG in Southeast Asia; TOPE BOX - one of the leaders in mobile game development; ASPO World - the best magic card game in 2021…

Mr. Bernard - Viet Nam Marketing Ambassador of Hotbit attended event

In this event, Hotbit from acting as a sponsor of the program showed interest in the Blockchain market as well as made a mark on businesses and organizations in the industry. Talking, sharing, and connecting with leaders also create a premise for future support and cooperation. Being present at this event also helps Hotbit's scouting team to discover more new talent that may accompany Hotbit in the near future.

Hotbit, a global cryptocurrency trading platform, will adhere to the global strategy to help more people create their own crypto asset accounts, enjoy a decentralized life, feel the charm of the crypto market, and help the global development of the crypto market.

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