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HedgeStone Assets Review (2022) - Is It a Good Broker?

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Are your Investments Safe With HedgeStone Assets?

If you are familiar with the world of online trading, you might have come across the name: HedgeStone Assets.

Who are HedgeStone Assets?

Based in Colorado, HedgeStone Assets are veterans in the world of online trading platforms. A seasoned brokerage platform that keeps clients' needs in mind while giving out maximum value. Tightly regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and adhering to AML, KYC and CFT regulations, they are one of the best trading platforms.

Trading products offered by HedgeStone Assets

New Age Products

HedgeStone Assets are up to date with new age trends. Therefore, their products include a range of Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ripple XRP, Ethereum and others.

Traditional Products

Traditional market products are also available to access via HedgeStone Assets. Stocks of all major blue chip companies, Stock indices such as S&P 500, DAX 40 and FTSE 100 and also commodities such as crude oil, gold and coffee. All are accessible with just one broker!

Trading Platform

HedgeStone Assets utilizes two different platforms for ease of user access.

Their WebTrader platform offers a seamless, user friendly experience. You only need a web browser to login from anywhere in the world. Real time synchronization allows you to make quick decisions for your valuable assets. Advanced trading tools offer ultimate control over your trades. Compatible with Chrome, Safari and FireFox browsers.

Their Mobile application offers all the benefits of online trading within your immediate reach. A plethora of dynamic interactive charts, analytical features, and technical indicators are accessible within the app. The only downside is that it takes up storage in your phone and drains battery time.

Are There Trading Risks With HedgeStone Assets?

All trades come with upsides and downsides. Specifically in a market as complex as the one dominated by a plethora of online trading platforms. According to the HedgeStone Assets website, 72.54% of retail investor accounts lose money while trading in CFDs across their platform. This is because the risk increases every time the investor leverages up their earnings and investments.

For this, HedgeStone Assets has a solution. They offer 24/7 customer support in technical areas. The client can consult an analyst to make a decision regarding a particular trade. Every trading account comes with basic guidelines for trade. As you level up your account from novice to standard and onwards to advanced, you receive access to Webinars and Analyst sessions. The professional account even has an analyst trading program. So you can be well on your way to becoming a professional online trader with the help of HedgeStone Assets.

Deposits and Withdrawals

Funding your account is simple. HedgeStone Assets accept Visa, MasterCard, bitcoin, WebMoney, Skrill, Neteller, Sofort, Qiwi and even wire transfers. Similarly, transferring funds from your trading account back to your personal bank account is a simple process, your money comes to you via automated, instant withdrawals. So your funds are always within reach, and no pesky technicalities to navigate.

Fees and Commissions

A varied fees and commission structure exists depending on the type of investor account.

HedgeStone Assets wishes to see you and your portfolio grow. Hence, the fees and commission structure is based in a way to encourage clients to level up. As your earnings and deposits grow, your fees and commissions start going down. Finally, as an institutional investor, you won't be charged any commission or fee.


HedgeStone Assets offer 24/7 client support. With their novice and standard accounts, the client receives support from their support center. Whereas, for Advanced, Professional and Expert accounts, there is a dedicated team member available for assistance. For institutional accounts, there is a dedicated Account Manager handling things for the client, so you can sit back and watch your portfolio and earnings magnify. True essence of letting your money work for you.

Is HedgeStone Assets the Right Choice For You?

For cryptocurrency investors who wish to trade in new age CFDs, HedgeStone Assets are a lucrative choice. Their Institutional Account even offers a personal blockchain account, which is pretty exclusive in the online trading sphere.

Considering how most online trading platforms require a high minimum deposit level, HedgeStone Assets starts their novice account with a mere $250 deposit, meaning you can start trading with the bare minimum while also leveraging your investment up to 20x. Similarly, for Professional accounts, leverage is available upto 100x. And for Institutional accounts, as high as 500x.

However, fees and commissions may rake high for smaller investors which is a major downside.

Overall, they are a trustworthy platform for your savings and investments.

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