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FraudICO International Social and Legal Project

14 February 2019 06:21, UTC

It is so common that investors, fallen for a fraudulent project, do not have any knowledge or resources to get a refund. Fraudico Ltd has launched a unique fraudico.io project - a platform to unite investors for the purpose of bringing a legal action before British and international courts.

The search of like-minded scam victims is challenging, because there are no platforms over the Internet, enabling safe discussion and information sharing on losses. The collection and analysis of compromising materials and filing a lawsuit in court require both technical and legal knowledge.

With awareness of current situation on market and helplessness of investors, our team created FraudICO, a globally pioneering social and legal project.

The mission of the project is to team up with investors burned by scam projects, equip them with the required knowledge, and provide support including legal advice, so that to empower them to get their stolen money back.

FraudICO platform is the right place to find and team up with other investors affected by scam ICOs. Here you will be given a helping hand with how to collect documents and with the aid of a legal agency bring fraudsters to justice. You can also give feedback on the scam project listing, study useful content that will guide you how to get a refund, and use support desk to get all the needed answers.

Visit the platform, leave feedback on scam ICOs, team up against scammers, collect legal documents, file a lawsuit and get a refund.

United we stand!