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Digital Influencers Project Launches Global Crypto Influencers Battle Show and Crypto Digital Influencers Awards with $1,000,000 Prize Pool

Are you a beginner crypto blogger?
Or have you already received your first 1 million subscribers?
Do you have a passion for creating noticeable and creative content?
Do you really want to master the art of influencing and strengthening your image as a crypto blogger?
Then forget what content you had before! Because we are launching a next generation Crypto Influencers Battle Show between crypto bloggers.
Each of you has a chance to show your talents. Create amazing content and prove to everyone that you are the best crypto influencer in the world!
Don't miss your chance to win the Crypto Digital Influencers Awards in different categories and share the $1.000.000 prize pool.

If you are ready to perform the craziest tasks and receive rewards for these actions, then become a participant of the Crypto Influencers Battle Show. Register Now!
More about Crypto show https://award.digital-influencers.com/about

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