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CryptoGames, The Internet’s Most Buzzing Spot for Crypto Gamblers

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Considering the world of online gambling, it seems quite impossible to find a good number of casinos that go above and beyond to make sure equal and fair entertainment for all the players. So, when the online casinos started to enable the use of cryptocurrencies on their websites, the general audience/gamblers couldn't help but be skeptical about it. However, the advancements made in the crypto world did not disappoint and have decided to deliver a handful number of reliable crypto-oriented online gambling destinations. One of the very few trustworthy websites is CryptoGames. It is worthy of mention in all casino reviews for its sheer dedication towards the players. From day one of its journey on the internet, it has maintained its quality as an online casino that fully operates in cryptocurrencies. Without any fail, it has developed top-quality security for the users and delivers fully customized entertainment every day. If you are in to explore crypto gambling and online casinos, then CryptoGames is the perfect spot for your beginners' luck!

More Overview of the Casino

As of now, CryptoGames has enabled the use of 10 broadly used cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Solana, etc. The cryptocurrencies are all offered to complement the casino's low and reasonable house edge policy. Coming to the main attraction of any casino, the games, CryptoGames has sorted it out in the neatest way possible. It has fully customized its entertainment section so that the players never feel dull moments while playing. All this entertainment can be enjoyed through the aid of a neat and straightforward financial system. And to bind all these elements together under one unique architecture, CryptoGames has introduced it super elegant user interface. Under one roof you will be able to find all the important information you will need along with intricate guidelines for your games. Before we dive into the details for the elements, let's take a quick look at CryptoGames' main entertaining factor, its games.

Modern Customized Games:

Without relying on the mainstream track of over-the-top games for attracting the users, CryptoGames has solely focused on giving the gamblers 9 uniquely customized games to choose from. Hence, each one of the games has now gained so much popularity among the gamblers as soon as they were released. This year CryptoGames had released a fully customized and brand-new version of one of its original games, Dice. Including the new game, it now serves 9 profitable games that can be accessed with 10 different cryptocurrencies. Now, to be able to play the games using your cryptocurrencies, you have to submit a complete information list. You get to choose any or all of the ones from these options: Dice, Slot, Blackjack, Roulette, Video Poker, Plinko, DiceV2, Minesweeper, and Lottery. On the "How to Play" tab beside each of these, you will find all the necessary steps to follow to be able to understand or play the games. Following them, you will be able to find out how to approach each one of them and even form your strategies. To play the games, you will get to use any one of the 10 cryptocurrencies that are available on the website. The cryptocurrencies are Solana, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum Classic, Monero, GAS, and Dash.


As it is one of the most popular games in gambling, CryptoGames made sure to customize Dice to come with a fully functioning modern outlook. For every roll, you get a great range of 0.000 to 99.999, from which two will be shown to you as conditions to choose from. In the game, you have to predict the rolled outcome of your dice between the two given numbers. Meaning, from the two conditions, roll over and under, you must choose one. If you think that the result of your dice will return a number that lies in the roll under range, then choose that otherwise go for a roll over.


This piece is one of the highly attractive games in the casino. The design of the game makes it look as real as a physical slot machine. Often known as a beginner-friendly casino game, Slot does come with a simple objective. Make sure your reels aligned in the middle of the machine forms one of the combinations from 7 different ones given in the rules. This means you will fulfill the objective of the game if at least 4 of the same symbols line up in the middle or you have any one of the winning combinations.


While it is widely known as 21, Blackjack remains one of the most captivating casino games in the world. CryptoGames has kept the rules of the game fairly simple as it is one of the widely sought-after card games everywhere. As the game's objective, Users will have to have hands with points closer to 21 or better than the dealers. The game is usually played against the house dealer where the dealer will be playing and shuffling the cards. From the options to Double Down, Surrender, and Split, you can choose anyone to build up the best hand to beat the house.


With a simple rule and enticing outlook, Roulette is a game that challenges your ability to think critically. If you are one of the hardcore gamblers, you will find yourself exploring your potential with this one. You will be able to enjoy a house edge that will ensure you get a good reward at the end of each win. In the European variant offered by CryptoGames, you will find helpful presets for the games. It is called Neighbour bets. The presets will help you to place betting chips on hopefully winning spots. There are 4 different options in the presets.

Video Poker:

Similar to the poker game, Video Poker is presented with high rewards ratio at CryptoGames. It is also offered to showcase its three hot variants called Tens or Better, Jacks or Better, and Bonus Poker. Each of the variants can be accessed and explored using the toggle bar located at the top left corner of the game board. Along with its already lucrative payout sums, the players can also aim for winning a royal flush. In a royal flush, players get to win a payout multiplier of 500. Although the odds of winning a royal flush seem quite impossible, CryptoGames' fair dealing and low house edge make it worthy of a try.


From television to now hundreds of physical casinos, Plinko has become one of the fanciest wagering games to be played at any casino. It has gained so much popularity that even the online casinos are offering the game in the coolest designs. Among those, CryptoGames has created by far the most simplistic design of the game. It is complexity-free and can be easily understood with the help of instructions. At the casino, Plinko has to be played with 4 different colors of balls. You can choose anyone for each round. The house edge will also vary according to the colors. If your ball lands into a profitable multiplier slot, you will automatically win the game.


As we have mentioned above, DiceV2 is the completely redesigned version of Dice. All players can play both versions on the website without any complications. This version of Dice comes with a new look where there is a slider for the settings. On the slider bar, you can see your winning chances and the limits/size of your bets. You can move the slider back and forth to adjust the settings. If you take bigger risks your winning chances will be less, but you will have bigger rewards. In this one, if you roll your dice within the green zone of the slider, you will win your bet. This means you have correctly predicted the outcome of your bet.


One of the classic games that have been entertaining all computer users since the 90s. The game is presented in a cool new outlook that pleases all gamblers and showcases the essence of modern gambling. In CryptoGames' version of Minesweeper, you will find yourself in a field of mines where all the mines are hidden under the tiles. With each round, you get to choose your minefield difficulty, and the option to cash out. The latter is only allowed as long as you have not hit any mine up to the point of cash out. If you successfully turn all the tiles, then you will win the full amount, otherwise, you only win depending on the number of tiles you have turned without hitting a mine.


Play with your luck on the side, in Lottery. Here, the main objective is in buying a number of tickets and hope for a lucky draw with yours in it. At CryptoGames, lottery tickets are purchased with any one of 4 different cryptocurrencies. Players get to buy their tickets using the Chat box feature too. Or else, they can also purchase their tickets from the "Buy Tickets" tab. On the tab, the total number of tickets will be shown along with the chances of wins. Players can also see the numbers of tickets they have after purchase, how many are left, and the time left for the round's draw. Since the draws are hosted on two different days in a week, the players always have the chance to win twice in a single week. In CryptoGames, the lottery has a 0 house edge policy. So, the entire amount of the sale goes to the winners.

Now, all these games are accompanied by their detailed manuals so that you can easily get a grasp of the workings of the games. And since they are designed to be easily played on any device, you can rest assured that your game time will pass as smoothly as possible. All due to the lightweight interface of the games.

Play with PlayMoney:

When you complete the basic registration on the website, you will find some reward play currency in your account. This play currency is known as PlayMoney on the website. Using this, you will be able to play 8 games in the casino. Except for Lottery, all of the 8 games are open for you to play as many times as your total amount of PlayMoney allows you. To earn more of the play currency, you can go to the Faucet feature and request more. The faucet feature basically acts as a free ATM for your PlayMoney. The machine will load up more based on how you have increased your player level. By doing simple tasks around the casino like placing bets, chatting with the players, building a strong community, etc, you can easily increase your player level every day. In the beginning, your player level will start at 0.

Brilliant Chances to win Jackpots:

Whenever it comes to gambling at a casino, the thought of winning a jackpot hits different. To bring that thrilling atmosphere and to raise the excitement of the players, CryptoGames hosts progressive jackpots for three of its games. They are, Dice, DiceV2, and Roulette. With each round, you will get the chance to win the jackpot, however, there are a few conditions that your bet must meet to directly win one.

Requirements for Dice and DiceV2:

  • After a roll, the result must be either 7.777 or 77.777
  • You successfully predict a winning roll
  • The bet amount you have placed and the profit amount you gained are at least the required amounts decided by the casino

If you meet these requirements and your winning amount is well over the required amount noted by the casino, then you take home the entire jackpot amount. Otherwise, you will be rewarded with a percentage of the jackpot where the least is 1%.

Jackpots of Roulette:

  • In four consecutive bets, use the same cryptocurrency and get a reward of 7.
  • All the profit amounts you receive are higher than the amount you have placed on the bet.
  • You meet the minimum bet and profit amount stated by the casino.

If you meet all these requirements and meet the minimum win amount in all 4 bets, then you will win all of the prize amount stored for Roulette’s Jackpot. If you get anything less than that, then you get a proportional share of the Jackpot where the least is 1%.

Transparent Result Managing:

For each of the games and the jackpots we have mentioned above, CryptoGames enabled its provably fair policies for result processing. This means, there will be no doubts about the results. Using the policies, the casino allows all players to thoroughly check their bet results after each round. This step also ensures that there is not any kind of manipulation in any of the results. And that they are fair and square. To check the fairness of the results, you can also use the hash and seeds to trace your bets. There will be more explanation on how to use the guidelines of using hash and seeds on the website. And in terms of fairness in Lottery draws, all results have always been delivered by a third-party website called "RandomPicker". This third-party application makes sure your tickets, or any other lucky tickets are getting picked randomly and in a secure method. Besides these two steps, CryptoGames keeps all the betting data open for the players on the website. This means you will know what is going on with your bets at all times.

New Age Transaction Systems:

To make the process of making deposits or exchanges smoother than before, CryptoGames has added two "new age" systems to the casino. One is the credit card deposit system using Onramper and the other is an exchange system known as ChangeNow. While both systems are now open for the players, they have the option to rely on the regular methods as well. Here is a short overview of the two:


To enable fiat currency deposits, CryptoGames now lets the players use their credit cards to deposit for the games. Using Onramper, you can deposit any amount of your fiat currencies directly into the casino. However, to enable this system, you must verify your identity and meet the requirements stated by Onramper. As of now, the third-party aggregator is available for BTC and ETH at CryptoGames.


Alongside Onramper, players can use ChangeNow to convert different crypto coins to the supported ones at the casino. Due to the integration of the new exchange system players can now convert from over 40 different cryptocurrencies to the 10 available ones in the list. With this one, you can have the chance to convert your coins directly which means, there will be no additional delay in the process.

Other Commendable Elements

The Blog and Forum:

To provide the most exquisite service throughout the year, CryptoGames has built a team of dedicated developers who are not only looking for more creative ways but are also ensuring total support for the players at all times. The customer care you get from CryptoGames is different from any other online casino. To complement all their aforementioned elements or feature, they have a list of other elements that must be mentioned before we conclude our review.

In the casino, you will find more modern components like their dedicated "BLOG" and "FORUM". These two fully customized elements are there to help the players build a strong community while they understand the architecture of the casino clearly. Both the BLOG and FORUM are filled with informative articles, news about the latest updates on the website, an open discussions thread and so much more.

The Contests:

Moreover, the casino goes a step ahead of others by developing its thrilling events. One of them is their VIP contests held every single month. The contests feature all the games we have discussed above and offer a huge amount of rewards and privileges. Winners of the contests are known as VIP members on the website. All these VIP members get to win jaw-dropping prizes for their hard work in winning the games. Their privileges last for an entire month, which means, they get to explore more of the casino's features within that month.

Responsible Policies:

Along with that, for building a responsible community of gamblers, CryptoGames took all the necessary steps to promote safe gambling policies on the website. Their Responsible Gaming policies include Time Out Policies, Self-Exclusion policies in addition to many helplines. With these policies, you can refrain from going overboard with your gambling excitements. Through the first policy, you can take short breaks from the casino without getting rid of your account. The policy will shut down your activities on the casino for 1-30 days. During this period, you will not be able to play any of the games or use any of the features on the website. With the latter, the casino will break your addiction by making you take longer breaks from the casino. When you choose to self-exclude, your account is closed for a minimum period of six months to up to even five years. Point to note that, once you choose to enable the policy, you will not be allowed to reactivate your account at all. And during the period, all your unused funds of any amount will be returned to your account.

Explore the Art of Gambling with CryptoGames

If you were in search of a new way of entertaining yourself or in the curiosity of entertainment using Cryptocurrencies, then we hope to conclude your search. With our review, we hope to have guided you towards the best spot one can think of to accomplish both tasks. At CryptoGames, you will get to find 9 different games that will guarantee thorough entertainment for the value. And at the same time, with time and experience with gambling, you will finally know the thrill of gambling. And understand how the medium of entertainment has always been considered as a form of art for many.

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