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CryptoGames Review - Entertaining Games, Bountiful Rewards, Exciting Wagering Contests, and a lot more!

Gambling is the ultimate gateway to top quality entertainment and endless riches. The advent of the internet era has massively impacted the gambling industry and has triggered the birth of online casinos. Revolutionary technologies such as Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies have also been implemented into these online casinos and have improved the way the gambling industry operates. Moreover, the online casinos immediately generated a lot of buzz from the gambling community and soon had huge amounts of gamblers flocking to these sites to partake in online gambling. The gambling site provided gamblers with the opportunity to play from one’s desired location, conserving important energy and money which can be invested into gambling. This is why gambling casino’s popularity sky-rocketed as soon as they were created and more and more online casinos had to be created in order to accommodate the enormous number of online gamblers. However, many of the online casinos are ill-equipped this huge influx of eager gamblers and often failed to deliver on their promises of top quality services. Thus, a large fraction of online gamblers were left with a negative opinion of what online casinos had to offer.

CryptoGames, a magnificent online casino, was created with the intent of providing entertainment of the highest quality to the gambling community and to set a standard that other online casinos can look up to. Owned by a Curacao based company known as MuchGaming B.V , the casino is operated a group of professionals of the highest calibre. The casino is licensed and under complete regulation of the Curacao government. Throughout the years, the casino has continued to provide top notch services to gamblers and has gathered a massive user base from all over the world. The casino has a library of the most engaging games that are highly beloved in the community because of their old school vibe. Moreover, these games are provably fair, and winners are immediately handed their winnings without any delay. The site has a smooth and attractive user interface that gamblers can navigate with ease. The moderators of the site are extremely cooperative and always assist users with any problems they might have. The casino hosts regular wagering contests where users all over the site compete to claim remunerative prizes. The site also hosts promotional events all throughout the year, giving users opportunities to claim a great deal of coins. All of these features and services help the casino in maintaining its respectable position in the gambling society and assist it in setting a standard other casinos can follow.

Browse through the pristine interface comfortably

The users of CryptoGames are highly appreciative of the attractive user interface that enriches their experience of browsing through the site. The minimalist outlook of the interface makes the site easy to navigate even for people browsing the site for the first time. There is also a very versatile chat box that can be utilized by users to speak with one another and the absence of pointless designs on the platform assists players in maintaining concentration in their games.

The lightweight interface also facilitates flawless game play and allows the games to be enjoyed from devices with low specifications smoothly. Users can switch between games with a few clicks. All required information such as betting history and user statistics can be seen through a single interface that has multiple tabs. The theme can be altered to the user's desired preference by accessing the settings situated at the upper right, under "Your Account". CryptoGames has additionally made the "Dark Mode" feature accessible for its user base, which can be applied by using the moon-shaped symbol. Useful information such FAQ, Chat Rules and Support Link is arranged at the bottom of the page.

Have fun playing entertaining old school games!

CryptoGames wants its users to experience entertainment of the highest quality which is why it has developed a library of extremely likable games. Gamblers all over the internet adore these games because of their old school ambience. A few of these games antecede the birth of online casinos and thus offer gamblers a nostalgic feel once they play them. CryptoGames offers eight of these mesmerizing games rather than keeping hundreds of games within the library because the casino values quality over quantity. There are also useful tutorials and guides about the games so that players can learn and master the games with ease. The games offered by CryptoGames are DiceSlot, RouletteBlackjack, Lotto, Plinko, Video Poker and Minesweeper.

Complete financial transactions swiftly and effortlessly

The fast and smooth flow of Cryptocurrency through an online casino is extremely crucial for proper functioning of a gambling site. Various online casinos often have slow deposit and withdrawal options that are at times excruciating for gamblers who value time as an exorbitant accessory. Sluggish financial options result in a vital loss of time and energy for many devoted gamblers. For a top online gambling platform like CryptoGames it is of foremost significance that the best possible measures are taken to guarantee quick and consistent exchange of cryptocurrency. CryptoGames has integrated an enormous number of measures to speed up the flow of cryptocurrency through the system. It permits users to make deposits or withdrawals by utilizing 9 unique kinds of cryptocurrency, giving users plenty of choices to empower financial fluency and make transactions much easier. It underpins transaction made with any of the accompanying digital currencies - BitcoinDogecoinEthereumLitecoin, Dash, GasMoneroBitcoin Cash and Ethereum Classic. There is likewise a test currency known as "Play Money" which users utilize to test their different strategies and ideas without spending from their own balance.

Users of CryptoGames benefit from Coinswitch

The elite casino, CryptoGames has integrated a highly effective third party exchange known as Coinswitch into its flexible system. This impressive application allows various forms of altcoins, that are not directly accepted by the casino, to be used in deposits and withdrawals. To avail this useful feature, gamblers have to send their altcoins through the Coinswitch user interface. This in turn will exchange the coin to a form that the casino directly supports. When a user has finished his gambling, the coins can be reverted to their original form or the form users wish by passing them through Coinswitch again. This is the process by which users of CryptoGames relish has made their deposit and withdrawal more fluent by utilizing this outstanding feature.

Win free coins, lottery tickets and other mesmerising prizes during celebratory and daily events!

CryptoGames has a profound love for festivities and celebrations! Users of CryptoGames participate in numerous promotions and events that the casino hosts all throughout the year and enjoy themselves immensely during these blissful events. During these fabulous occasions there are giveaways of free coinsvoucher codeslottery tickets and other remarkable gifts! Additionally, the casino also organizes custom games during these occasions which also giveaway more coins as rewards! Gamblers are informed about these events through the CryptoGames social media account and the Bitcointalk forum. Don’t be surprised if you received some free coins through your registered email! Daily events are hosted where challenges are given to the users. Be the first to complete the challenges and win good amount of coins! Moreover, a unique “No Bet Speed Limit” occasion is hosted during Mondays! Users use this exceptional chance to guarantee a higher number of coins as a bigger number of wagers every second can be set during the day. No more reason to loathe Mondays!

Get opportunities to win monstrous jackpots!

CryptoGames has games that come with gigantic progressive jackpots! These games are on the radar of numerous ambitious gamblers on the casino who are determined that they will earn these gargantuan prizes! Presently, the games of Dice and Roulette have massive jackpots! The Dice jackpot of Bitcoin right now stands at an extraordinary 3.803 BTC and can be won by a wonderfully fortunate gambler! Altcoins has their own dedicated jackpots, so do not worry if you are altcoin user. You can still hunt for the jackpot!

Go up against other ambitious gamblers in monthly wagering contests and become VIP of the month!

Every month the gamblers of CryptoGames compete against each other in wagering contests and attempt to rise to the top of the leaderboard. These challenges present both veteran and novice players a common ground to test their gambling prowess. The contests are amazingly engaging as players from everywhere on the gambling site contend to ascend to the top of the leaderboard. The victors of these contests get enormous appreciation through out the month and are rewarded abundantly for their effort. The champions are additionally assigned VIP tags which present them with special access to site wide features! The tags last till the beginning of the next wagering contest, giving the winners adequate time to relish their accolades.

User also receive the following exclusive VIP rewards:

  • Reduced House Edge on Dice – An exclusive benefit of playing with only 0.8% House Edge is served to VIP players. This is a massive advantage as the house edge received by VIP players is 20% less than what is given to other gamblers.
  • Highest Bet Priority – VIP members receives the maximum bet speed per second
  • Impressive Exchange Limits- VIP members are able to convert using on site exchange with higher limits.
  • Access to a private VIP Chat room – VIP members can communicate with each other discreetly as they relish benefits of a private VIP chat room.
  • VIP Tag on Chat –All VIP members can be recognized through an attractive [VIP] tag on any message they send in the chat box.
  • 50$ Birthday Bonus- 50$ worth of Bitcoin will be gifted to VIP players on their Birthdays! These can be collected by contacting Support through email and inform them about the date. Only valid for verified users.
  • Myriad of Vouchers- VIP members are showered with a plethora of vouchers via their emails at regular interval throughout the month.

Support is always ready to assist you in case of any questions, suggestions or emergencies

CryptoGames has an excellent support team comprised of capable individuals who dexterously handle any issues that users might face. They can properly react to any inquiries or feedback that users might have. They are also prepared to assist during any crises that gamblers might face. The chat box can be utilized as a Live Support by users to reach necessary parties. The Support can likewise be reached through emails. Emails are answered within an hour during weekdays and around 24 hours during weekends. The support can also be contacted via the Bitcointalk forum by directly messaging them. CryptoGames cares profoundly about its user base. It has presented a "Self Exclude" option which can be accessed to by going to the account settings. This feature can be utilized by any individual who feel they are spending too much time gambling and can be used to briefly block the account so that users can take a break before they are prepared to bet once more.

Final Words

CryptoGames, a majestic online casino, always strives to provide its users with the best entertainment available on the internet. It has adapted a plethora of measures required to achieve this incredible feat. It has a library of enticing games beloved by hundreds and thousands of online gamblers because of their nostalgic vibe. It has provided a plethora of options for deposits and withdrawals - allowing users the option of completing their transaction with lightning speed and minimum effort and has also integrated Coinswitch into its system. It holds monthly wagering contests where ardent gamblers compete against each other to develop their potential. Users of the casino enjoy themselves immensely during the numerous promotional events the site holds. The casino also provides customer support working around the clock to assist users with any issues they face. All of this ensures the users of CryptoGames are thoroughly satisfied with the service they get. The online casino has also taken a vow to enrich the quality of its services and provide even more top notch quality for its gamblers! Join the casino and be a part of this great community of gamblers! Make your wildest gambling fantasies come true!
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