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Alternative Coins: These Cryptos Look Promising

Bitcoin is the most legendary cryptocurrency of all time, considered the forefather of a new digital payment method. But things have changed in the world of blockchain since it was created in 2008. More and more cryptocurrencies are catching on and there are predictions that point to promising developments. However, it is a bit like no deposit casino bonuses, they do exist, but they are not always easy to find. Which cryptocurrencies have a positive forecast is explained below.

Dogecoin - a meme becomes an attractive payment method

When Dogecoin was created in the form of a meme, no one suspected that it would one day seriously compete with Bitcoin. The project was not even designed to do so; it was a satire intended to attack Bitcoin itself. However, various projects were responsible for more and more people becoming aware of Dogecoin and today it is one of the most popular Bitcoin alternatives. In 2022, experts are sure that Doge will experience strong growth, which will continue over the coming years. From meme to internet star, this makes Dogecoin unique.

Solana - inconspicuous and yet probably crowned with success

Solana is one of the lesser-known cryptocurrencies so far, but it has the best chances of gaining a firm foothold in the market. In 2021, the currency already exploded, with an all-time high of $213. Launched in 2017, at the latest from 2021, the currency has shown that there is a stable new coin in circulation. The special feature is that Solana uses a completely new and different method with the Timestamp algorithm, which makes it massively different from classic cryptocurrencies.

Transactions can be carried out within seconds, the speed is what makes Solana so interesting for many crypto fans. Another factor is security, because Solana uses the Proof of Stake principle and makes it possible that all transactions can be viewed securely in the blockchain. Solana has been under scrutiny since 2021, but the positive forecasts for 2022 only manifested strongly at the end of last year.

Cardano - stable alternative to established coins

Cardano is not yet on the radar of many crypto investors, but the forecasts for the coming year show that strong growth is expected here. Security is already bent alone from the fact that Cardano comes from the same founder as Ethereum, a cryptocurrency already very stably anchored after Bitcoin. With the current all-time high of $3.09, Cardano is an interesting opportunity for investors, as entry prices are not yet as high as Bitcoin, but forecasts predict a rapid increase in the coming years.

Since strong coins are generally expected to establish themselves in the next few years, it is mainly beginner-friendly but also safe coins like Cardano that enjoy the highest popularity. It is questionable what consequences the strong development will have on Ethereum, the original currency of developer Charles Hoskinson.

Ethereum - on the way to new strength

Ethereum was considered a stable currency for a long time, but then lost its furor for a while. Although it did not experience a rapid crash like Bitcoin did, there was no further positive development after it reached its all-time high of USD 4,356 in May 2021. Ether remained stable, with no further upward moves. Now, however, experts are sure that the No. 2 crypto market will easily crack the USD 10,000 mark in the coming years.

For a long time, many investors have always been concerned with whether a rapid rise, as was known from bitcoin, will also happen with Ether. The cryptocurrency has already provided the answer in the past. From 400 USD in October 2020 to over 4000 USD in May 2021, a tenfold increase in value took place. Short breaks and minimal fluctuations are basically part of the development of a cryptocurrency. However, a further increase is to be expected already due to the high security of Ether.

Binance Coin - the 1000 dollar mark is waiting

The Binance Coin only made a real name for itself towards the end of 2021, even though experts were already convinced beforehand that this was an interesting investment. However, the fact that the price would rise to 686 USD in May 2021 was not expected. Compared to the price of 30 USD in October 2020, the coin has increased more than tenfold in less than a year.

Not all, but many experts are convinced that BNB will develop rapidly upwards in 2022 and 2023. It is even assumed in places that the sound barrier of the 1000 dollar mark could be cracked as early as 2022. Whether crashes will occur is quite unclear here, but there are no direct signs of this at present. If BNB does not make any gross blunders like Ripple, experts do not currently assume a major investment threat.

Ripple - the future is uncertain

The Ripple was considered a safe investment method for a long time, but currently courts are arguing about whether the XRP is really a classic cryptocurrency. Due to inconsistencies, the Ripple came into disrepute and currently all experts advise against further investments in the currency. The peculiarity of Ripple is that there is cooperation with credit institutions, which is clearly rejected by crypto fans. Convinced supporters of the creation of an independent network have not invested in XRP for this reason alone.

Whether and how things will continue for XRP in 2022 depends largely on how the courts decide regarding its handling. If Ripple is recognized as a classic cryptocurrency, an increase in value can be expected. However, if the regulators decide against the status of the cryptocurrency, a bottomless fall can be expected. For this reason, XRP is currently an investment option only for risk fans, as it is not particularly expensive with a price of $1.15. However, Ripple has long left the times of the all-time high behind, in 2018 a price of 3.40 USD could be reached, in the years after that the coin decreased in value more and more.

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