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5 Egyptian Themed Slots on Ethereum Betting Sites

Egyptian slots have become very popular in the casino world owing to their unique designs that create an exotic atmosphere. These games can send you into the depths of a secret chamber in the pyramids or an Egyptian temple. Here, you will unravel treasures that the king of Egypt once owned.

These attributes have made several punters fall for Egyptian-themed games. The pyramids, the golden masks, Cleopatra, and other characteristics make the game an exciting one to play. You can access these games on several Ethereum betting sites on the internet, each with its unique characters.

What are Egyptian-themed slots?

Once upon a time, slots were only restricted to fruits like lemons and cherries as symbols. Thanks to development, online casinos now offer punters several videos with attractive themes. These videos have terrific graphics, suitable soundtracks, and tangible bonuses they attach to them.

Therefore, Egyptian-themed slots are those that replicate the ancient civilization of Egypt. These slots take you along the Nile from 3000 BCE up till the time of Alexander the Great. You'll also find the prominent days of Cleopatra and the forces in 31CE.

5 Best Egyptian themed slots

Looking for the best Egyptian themed Ethereum slots to play, here are five of them


Cleopatra is a well-known figure in Egypt who has continued to inspire several fantasies and stories. Several books, movies, and Television series have gotten their inspiration from Cleopatra's influential figure. Over the past decade, the legend has become a figure representing a cult in video slots.

Cleopatra, made by IGT, bases their slot on this cult fact. In 2005, it first released a land-based slot machine. However, in 2017, it transitioned to an online video slot and still retained its popularity. The game gets its inspiration from the traditional fruit machines. But unlike those, it has 3 rows, 5 reels, 20 paylines, and an RTP of over 95%. The symbols include the regular ones related to ancient Egypt like the eye of Horus, flowers, the sphinx, and others.

The remarkable thing about this game is how popular it has become. It has several bets from players, which can range up to 10 euros per spin.

Pharaoh's fortune

Pharaoh's fortune is another classic slot game for punters. With its soundtrack and bonuses, the game has become one of several players' favorites worldwide. You cannot compare the graphics to other modern standards, but it still manages to hold players' attention.

However, it still has colorful graphics and unique bonuses for players. Play bonuses features include bonus spins, free spins, and different bonus games. Punters can use all five of the reels when they intend to land winning combinations on its 15 paylines. This is possible because the game has regular features like wilds and free spins.

What makes this game intriguing is its high stake range which allows you to place different bets every time you play. Produced and developed by Microgaming, it has an RTP of 94.78%

Leprechaun goes Egypt

There is something beautiful and satisfying about following a leprechaun on several adventures. Going into an Egyptian tomb, you see weird things like Cleopatra taking the form of a maid holding a pint. The graphics and creativity combine to give the game an exciting touch.

Aside from the theme, what else does this game have to offer? For one, Leprechaun goes Egypt has an RTP of over 94%. Its mechanism consists of 5 rows, 3 reels, and 15 paylines. Each payline can accept up to five coins depending on the cost of each, which is between 0.01-0.25 euros. That means that in total, a player can spin between 0.10 to 18.15 each time.

As in all games, a player must understand the symbols of the game. From the usual standard, the highest paying symbol is the golden mask. After this comes the Sphinx, The mummy, and the Scarab.

However, there are three significant symbols every player should look out for. The most important is the Wild (Leprechaun) which you can use as any symbol. The next is the pyramid that starts the tomb round and finally, The Cleopatra. More exciting are the free spins, which allow you to choose any of the symbols.

Book of the dead

The book of the dead is an Egyptian theme that several punters explore. The book revolves around several ancient texts, spells, and magical themes. Our adventurer, Rich Wilde, goes on these adventures to discover some of the most precious tombs.

The game features 10 paylines with 5 reels. It has an RTP of 96.21%, free spins, and wild symbols, allowing you to double your winnings.

Cat queenс

Created by Playtech, the slot has a 96.8% RTP. With bold graphics and an original soundtrack, it transports you into ancient Egypt. Here, cats are magical creatures that can bring good luck to men. The game features symbols like the gods Anubis and Bastet, a pharaoh, scarab beetle, and the Eye of Horus.

It has 4 rows, 5 reels, and 40 paylines. The slot allows a player to select any amount of payline to use in a spin. As usual, different symbols mean different amounts for winnings.

Terms used in Egyptian themed slots

Every Egyptian slot is unique, and most times, it comes with its symbols. Nonetheless, there are general symbols you can find in every Egyptian-themed slot. Examples of these are:

  • Pyramida
  • Hieroglyphics
  • Pharaohs
  • Scarab beetle
  • Cleopatra
  • Tutankhamun

Why should you play Egyptian-themed slots?

It is true that Egyptian-themed slots are visually attractive but is that all there is to it? Factually, some other benefits come with these slots.

The first is the thrill. Every punter wants to experience something different while playing. Egyptian Themed slots give you something to always look forward to. Relish the experience of going to Africa back in time.

Aside from this, Egyptian slot machines have a high RTP with an average of 94%. This means that it's one of the best paying games in casinos, even better than popular games like poker.


On a final note, Egyptian-themed slots are prevalent in our online crypto world. They are noted for their striking graphics, gameplay, and bonuses. So, if you are looking for the best Egyptian-themed betting slot to try, select from one of the five we've listed above!

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