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Zilliqa and Token||Traxx Signed A $1.1 Mln Partnership

Anna Martynova

Zilliqa and NFT music platform Token||Traxx have entered into a $1.1 mln partnership. As part of the partnership, it is planned to make the music industry more profitable and fair. The public blockchain, set to be carbon neutral by next year, aims to be at the forefront of music creators by leveraging NFT and blockchain to delight fans and reward artists.

New interactions created by tokens include playlist development, royalty payments, and ownership of rights. While all of this already exists in Spotify and Apple Music, Ledger technology will be used for this. Zilliqa and co-founder Max KANTELIA jointly, but as separate companies, are investing $1.1 mln in the partnership.

After partnering with Zilliqa, the NFT music platform will have access to a secure and scalable protocol that is used at low cost and moderate gas charges. The Zilliqa network is capable of processing thousands of transactions per second without facing issues such as network congestion or extremely high gas charges.

Image: Medium

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