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Where to buy BCC?

01 August 2017 21:00, UTC

Following Bitcoin blockchain segregation into two chains, it makes sense that from this point forward, the cryptocurrency exchanges are going to support the new Bitcoin Cash cryptocurrency (BCC or BCH) among Bitcoin (BTC) familiar to us all. However, not every exchange supports operations with BCC yet.

As the Bitcoin.com Web portal informs, exchanges are not very active about BCC this morning. The Kraken exchange announced the start of BCC sell operations on its Twitter page. A bit later, the exchange stated that BCC lending option will also be enabled, starting today.

The BCC trade doesn’t work on the Poloniex exchange, which is not surprising, as the exchange previously stated that it will ‘probably’ support the new currency depending on the fork outcome. It looks like they don’t see the need yet.

Bittrex provides trade and lending options for BCC, but the exchange noted that they will put the Bitcoin Cash market development under close observation and if the markets don’t open their doors for the new cryptocurrency, then Bittrex might reject this idea too.

ViaBTC, quite expectedly, has launched the BCC trade – this exchange endorsed the concept of a new cryptocurrency from the start. Bitfinex promised to enable the BCC lending but it kept silent about the trade option. In the end, Bitfinex even stopped the BTC trading until the situation has been clarified.