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Weekly Betting Volume On The TronBet dApp Reached $41 mln

04 March 2019 08:13, UTC

TronBet, a decentralized betting platform which runs on the TRON blockchain, recorded a record weekly volume of $41 mln. The analysis of dApp was conducted by Twitter nicknamed “vance”. According to him, the most active player on TronBet have wagered $ 98 mln, and the 20 most active users in total wagered about $455 mln.

Twitter users are trying to find the reason for the growing popularity of TronBet, which has become so active in a relatively short period since its launch. According to “vance,” success is mostly related to the user experience (UX) of the application.

Application tokenomics and the native token (ANTE) also play an important role. “Vance” further noted that the mining process associated with TronBet was helping users earn large profits. He explained that “for every bet, you mine ANTE, the [gaming platform’s] native token.”

Crypto enthusiasts have explained the popularity of the application since the economy of tokens forms an incentive for casual users to stick with the platform long term, and a reason to come back every day to stake their ANTE.
“This is real scaled consumer adoption, but the blockchain community seems to discount gambling/gaming even though obviously a stepping stone to more sophisticated dApps,”

— “vance” also noted.

Image courtesy of Oracle Times