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Waves DEX, the more user-friendly Waves Platform, released

03 August 2017 21:00, UTC

The release of Waves DEX, the advanced version of Waves Platform Android application, was announced in the company’s blog. After installing Waves DEX, the users can experience all options and useful functions previously available only in the Lite desktop client. Among other opportunities, Waves DEX provides the integration with the decentralized Waves exchange.

Sasha Ivanov, the CEO of Waves Platform, pointed out that this platform was originally meant to make blockchain tokens available to everyone and to successfully disseminate them. The mobile access to the platform’s functions is not just an upgrade everyone desired, it’s the main condition for giving cryptocurrency to everybody who wishes to use it.

He added by telling that DEX lies in the basis of Waves environment and that he is very pleased to announce that it’s now the integral part of the Android client.

The blog of the company also tells that the opportunity to give customers a user-friendly, secure and reliable trading experience is especially important in the times when cryptocurrency exchanges are under close observation because of the notable events – Bitcoin fork and the situation with BTC-e exchange.