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Ukraine will see the installation of more than 100 cryptocurrency ATMs

03 August 2017 21:00, UTC

Kuna, the cryptocurrency exchange, told in its blog that it aims to cover Ukraine with a network of cryptocurrency ATMs. It adds that the first batch is ready and will be installed in Kiev soon. 150 ATMs that support cryptocurrency will be deployed later throughout the whole of Ukraine.

These terminals will include an option to use fiat money for buying bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies traded on the Kuna exchange – Ethereum, Waves and Golos. If any new cryptocurrency is added to the exchange, it will become available in these terminals.

Kuna called the small operations fee in its cryptocurrency ATMs beneficial for its users, as the terminals work with the exchange directly via API. The company also pointed out that the deployment of this ATM system will increase the amount of trades, the liquidity and income of the exchange and of investors as well.