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The Hashrate Of Bitcoin Cash Can Be Controlled By One Mining Pool

20 May 2019 10:03, UTC
Bitcoin Cash is in the spotlight again: this time it concerns the crypto mining, where a dangerous situation occurred. According to a Reddit post, Bitcoin Cash’s hash rate came very close to being dominated by one mining pool, BTC.top. At the time the post appeared on Reddit, BTC.top controlled 53.47% of it.


19-02-2019 14:54:56  |   Guest posts
The control of majority of the hashrate can give BTC.top the possibility of launching a "51% attack" on the network, as well as double spending and transactions halt. After reaching this level, the BTC.top hashrate has decreased and currently stands at 40.28%. Nevertheless it is the largest share than any other pool, and the situation might occur as again. This fact is of concern to crypto enthusiasts, who believe that the decentralization of Bitcoin Cash is under question.

This isn’t the first time BTC.top has dominated BCH’s hashrate. On January 3, 2019, the same mining pool controlled 50.2% of the total hashrate for Bitcoin Cash.

Image courtesy of Coinspeaker