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SUKU Moves Its Products From Ethereum To Hedera Hashgraph

Anna Martynova

The recently released SUKU INFINITE iOS app for sneaker authentication was the first app to be migrated to Hedera. Unlike expensive gas fees on the Ethereum blockchain, with Hedera, SUKU users benefit from low-cost transactions. Suppliers and retailers can transact without intermediaries, ensure traceability and transparency of the entire supply chain, reduce theft and fraud, and obtain information about the origin of goods.

The SUKU Omni platform will be the second platform to move to Hedera and aims to make trading more transparent and efficient through blockchain and distributed ledger technology. The Omni Platform Suite consists of four main products: the Omni Engage + SUKU Scanner App, Omni Discover, Omni Sustain, and Omni Link.

Omni is currently used by global brands including Cencosud, the third largest retailer in Latin America, to track products from raw materials to finished goods and throughout the product ownership cycle.

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