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Study: 43 Bugs Found In Major Blockchain and Crypto Projects During One Month

18 March 2019 07:04, UTC

White Hat hackers have identified and reported 43 bugs in blockchain and cryptocurrency platforms, according to a study by Hard Fork. The period of study was from February 12 to March 13. According to the statement of White Hat, none of the vulnerabilities are critical.

The studied platforms’ list included popular projects such as Coinbase, EOS Block.one, Tezos, Brave, Monero and Unikrn. The latter took first place with twelve errors detected. The second place was taken by the OmiseGo project with six bugs reported, while EOS took third place with five bugs.

Also, such projects as Tendermint, Monero, ICON, MyEtherWallet Coinbase, Crypto.com, Electroneum, and Brave Software got into the current bug report. Details of vulnerabilities were not disclosed for obvious reasons. Some of the projects have already reported bug fixing after the report was concluded.


Despite a large number of identified bugs, security researchers received a modest fee of $ 23,675. However, seven projects from the list decided to hide details of the reward for finding vulnerabilities.

Image courtesy of QA Campus