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Streaming Service Spotify Enters The Metaverse

Anna Martynova

The online game Roblox has a digital playground called Spotify Island. It brings together artists and their fans in a land of sounds, quests and exclusive merchandise. At launch, users will be able to unlock four free items. To do this, you need to complete tasks, for example, collect notes. Players will have the opportunity to compose their own music on a virtual beat station and perform on stage.

To unlock new items, you need to collect icons in the form of hearts. Musicians will receive a floating percentage of in-game merchandise sales, which can also be used elsewhere on Roblox. In addition, Spotify has added a new playlist "Spotify Island on Roblox".

Roblox has a daily active user base of over 40 mln people. The term Metaverse gained popularity after Facebook CEO Mark ZUCKERBERG renamed the company Meta, promising that the new organization would focus solely on the Metaverse in the coming years.

Image: TechMende

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