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Steve Wozniak sold his bitcoins at $20,000

Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple who previously stated Bitcoin was even better than gold, now admits he sold all his share in this cryptocurrency back when it was 20,000 USD. If true, this makes him a very judicious trader, as after reaching 20 thousand, Bitcoin has become twice as cheaper. As suggested by the older reports, Wozniak bought Bitcoin when it was $700, which leads to the following conclusion: Mr. Wozniak sold Bitcoin when it became 2800% higher than the price he initially invested at. At the press time, Bitcoin costs $10,844 per coin.

Meanwhile, Apple’s App Store is still being filled with malicious applications which aim to steal cryptocurrency funds from victims, but Steve Wozniak cannot be blamed here: he does not work in Apple since 1985. Malicious apps of the same kind have been also noticed in Google Play.

The founder of the rival company, Google, has not been seen expressing his own views on Bitcoin, at least recently. But in the autumn last year, a technology blogger discovered that the Google payment API has functions which, if enabled, could allow Bitcoin payments.

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