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Social Network Parler Will Release Its Own NFT Tokens

Anna Martynova

Social media platform Parler will expand its business with non-fungible tokens (NFT). NFT objects will be released at regular intervals. An auction is planned for January, which will include three elements: digital art, fine art and some unique accessories. Probably Parler's interest in NFT tokens is an attempt to attract a new audience to the site on the wave of NFT popularity.

NFT is a digital asset typically bought with cryptocurrency or dollars, that includes everything from images to videos and texts. The ownership record is tracked on the blockchain, which serves as a public ledger allowing anyone to verify the authenticity of the NFT.

The app was launched in 2018 as a social network site styled as a free speech space for those looking for an alternative to mainstream platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Parler quickly gained the traction of supporters of former US President Donald TRUMP.

Image: Esquire

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