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Smart Containers company to learn blockchain benefits and issue new tokens

Smart Containers will study blockchain technologies for supply chains connected with container traffic. The step looks logical considering that other supply companies are already looking into the same innovation.

Blockchain will also be used in a new software product by the same company. At the press time, it’s called Logi Chain. The details on this program are currently vague, but it will also be connected with container logistics.

Notably, the supply corporation does not want to limit its blockchain activities to DLT studies: it will issue two new cryptocurrencies. SMARC Coin is a “profit share coin”, as characterized by the media, which is actually a direct illustration of how tokens can share properties of securities. The second coin is called LOGI and its nature is much more future-oriented because it will serve as a means of payment between companies desiring to use smart contracts in logistics.

Corporate management can be conservative and will not necessarily move to smart contracts quickly, this means that LOGI Coin can potentially stumble on the lack of demand during the first years of its existence.

Image: seanews.ru

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