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Sirin Labs’ successful ICO: $50 million in 4 hours (football star Messi might be the reason)

12 December 2017 21:00, UTC

Smartphones by Sirin Labs were criticized by tech experts multiple times. They pointed out the high price simultaneously with narrow audience. But according to the press release of the company, this did not stop ICO investors. Just in 4 hours after the launch of this initial coin offering, 99 million tokens were sold and the company attracted 50 million USD which it will spend on the development of the “cryptosmartphone” called FINNEY.

Token bonuses set by the company might have played a role, but the most probable reason is the very popular and talented football star, Lionel Messi, who has lately become the ambassador of this company. People who didn’t know anything about tokens or cryptographically enhanced smartphones decided to invest in the project just because it was endorsed by their favorite football player. Kenes Rakishev, board chairman of the company, connects the success of ICO to the popularity of this striker as well.

These fifty million the company attracted will be enough to develop FINNEY smartphones, while this company had plans to develop only mobile Sirin OS in case only 25 million is attracted, and develop not only the smartphone, but also a special cryptographic PC in case they attract 75 million USD.

The press release that tells about all this contains a surprising statement: “Exports (sic) connect today’s 50-dollar ETH price increase with the start of FINNEY devices’ crowd sale”. Other “exports”, however, who are familiar with the wave theory, may object that the overall Ethereum growth trend start actually happened before the crowd sale of Sirin Labs. Anyway, even with these primitive overstatements about the project’s influence, one absolutely cannot deny the successfulness of this ICO.