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Sell Me This Pen! TOON #19

Bitcoin continues its thorny road from the abyss, which it fell in the middle of last week. And this path doesn’t promise to be easy. On the one hand - the number one cryptocurrency is plagued by the problem of unfair trading platforms that manipulate prices just for their own profit: a number of exchanges constantly conduct dubious operations and manipulate the price in the market. And it leads to the fact that market size and its capitalization are not always true, which ultimately worries major investors.

On the other hand: scandals and real internecine war among the leaders of the fourth capitalization of Bitcoin Cash by Craig WRIGHT and Roger VER that as a result has led the crypto community to split. So, the crypto world has just divided into “before” and “after”. A few days later, when the hype subsided, and Roger VER’s proponents announced his triumph, it became clear that his camp won the victory was Pyrrhic. After all, as a result, the total capitalization of both sides of the conflict has become half smaller, and the conflict itself, albeit indirectly, has led to the collapse of the entire market. The result was not long in coming: one of the key sectors of the crypto industry is rapidly losing its financial attractiveness. Does number onу cryptocurrency which celebrated its tenth anniversary last October, have a chance to stay on top of the crypto world - or it doomed to give way to younger and bolder projects?

TOON by Maxim Smagin

Bitcoin, Exchange and Two Bot Wallets or How Bitfinex Manipulates The Market

As we expected, after a short break, Bitcoin continued to fall over the weekend, breaking through another level of support - $4,000 and updating its annual minimum of $3,593 per coin. Apparently, the crypto market decided to join the Black Friday madness and hold a sale for all virtual assets. Bitcoin has already started to recover, and while it is entering a phase of positive price correction, we decided to find out who were the main organizers of the last weekend promotion (read more)

BCH: 7 Days That Shook The Crypto World

Since last Monday cryptocurrency market was slow but steady at its crawling out of the big slump. As off the writing this article (28.11.18) it got back at the $132 market cap, and that made the traders rejoice because just within the previous week “crypto” lost whopping $50 bln. Currencies were rolling down the hill, and one of the top dogs in losing its value was bitcoin cash, that lost around 50% of its price.

The recent hardfork can explain this instability: a couple of most prominent people within the network failed to reach the consensus about BCH future, and that led to the full-blown war for the hashpower. However, that’s nothing but details. The important stuff is — this led to a massive drop in value for the bitcoin cash itself. Just a day before the hardfork, many traders started to dump their Bitcoin to get some liquidity in hope of scoring on the upcoming ride (read more)

Bitcoin Keeps Falling Down: How to Deal With FUD And Avoid FOMO

According to some analysts, bitcoin crash in January 2018 was not a coincidence, but rather the speculation of investors who concentrated 90% of cryptocurrencies in order to fix their profits. In addition, the January falldown has been observed  several times, which suggests that this correction of assets was deliberate - before a significant amount increase during the year. And each time as a result of such fluctuations - the market becomes larger and washes out random and unprofessional investors who don’t know how to behave in conditions of high volatility, while major institutionals continue to buy bitcoin at a low price (read more)

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