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School on the Blockchain: the path to cryptocurrency starts from childhood

Blockchain studies and creation of private cryptocurrency – the students of primary school Woorana Park in Australia enthusiastically embraced and overall like to study these innovative technologies, tells Bitcoin.com.

The program that allows to study digital financial technologies of tomorrow is called ‘School on the Blockchain’, and the head of this program, Keiran Nolan, told that it will provide an opportunity to schoolchildren of Woorana Park, that is situated in the district underdeveloped both socially and economically, to have equal opportunities with all other students in the world. This, in turn, will play a vital role in their future.

Together with the 6th grade summer learning that provides a wide range of opportunities to study Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, the participants of Woorana Park Primary’s School on the Blockchain program annually take part in different events connected with blockchain.

This School on the Blockchain program originated from the project in 2012, School in the Cloud, and includes several initiatives: Minecraft on the Blockchain, Immutable Authenticated Reporting, Voting, Building Full Nodes, Steam Blockchain Center, Virtual Reality and Proof-of-Existence.

Students have even created the school’s own cryptocurrency Wooranacoin, which serves as an example of how any student can create his/her own digital currency.

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