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Samsung Filed Trademarks In UK and EU For Cryptocurrency Wallet

29 December 2018 07:21, UTC
Denis Goncharenko

South Korean electronics manufacturer Samsung has filed a trademark in the United Kingdom on technologies related to the blockchain and smartphones. There is an option that the company is considering the integration of a cold-storage cryptocurrency wallet into the new models of smartphones. Earlier in December, the industrial giant has already filed similar applications in the European Patent Office.

The application submitted by Samsung to the UK Intellectual Property Office (IPO) contains such definitions as “computer software for use as a cryptocurrency wallet”, “Computer software for cryptocurrency transfer and payment using blockchain technology”, etc.

It is already rumored that the company plans to introduce crypto wallets implemented in the Galaxy S10, despite the fact that Samsung representatives refuted it. However, the interest of the South Korean giant in decentralized technologies was clearly obvious in 2018: the development of mining equipment, blockchain exploration for tracking shipments. In August, Samsung SDS, the conglomerates subsidiary, presented a blockchain platform BankSign for simplifying transactions between banks.

Right now it is obvious that Samsung probably wants to keep up with the trends and plans to launch a “blockchain smartphone” following the HTC Exodus 1 and FINNEY from Sirin Labs which have already appeared on the market.

Image courtesy of Iotgadgets.com