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Ripple enters strong bullish trend

05 October 2017 21:00, UTC

Ripple, the third popular cryptocurrency in the world at the press time, has entered the bullish stage since 4th of October 2017. The community of cryptocurrency market enthusiasts mostly doesn’t know the answer why the price grows, Ripple holders are now in a good mood, as many of them bought Ripple when it was cheaper.

The media tells that there is a growth of activity in Korean markets and reminds that the growth might have been accelerated by the closeness of the important fintech conference, Swell, with different bank representatives and coders. Ripple will host it and this might have promoted the image of this cryptocurrency, resulting in price growth.

Meanwhile, Coinmarketcap shows that Bitcoin Cash lost its position as the third most popular digital coin, Zcash and Monero, the developers of which both focused on cryptography and compete with each other in this field, are both slowly growing, with Monero currently outrunning Zcash. The total cryptocurrency market cap now makes $148,607,448,207 - still not big enough to fully compete with fiat money, but much more than many could imagine at the start of the market few years ago.