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Ridley Scott Will Make A Film About The Creation Of The Ethereum Cryptocurrency

Anna Martynova

American director Ridley SCOTT will start filming a book by journalist Camila RUSSO “The Infinite Machine” about the creation of the Ethereum (ETH) cryptocurrency. The film will be produced by Scott Free Productions, founded by brothers Ridley and Tony Scott. Shyam Madiraju has been appointed as screenwriter and director, and Ridley Scott will serve as the film's producer.

According to the author of the book, this is the best team to screen the story of the people behind the development of the most revolutionary technology since the creation of the Internet. The book "The Infinite Machine" was published in the summer of 2020. She talks about how Vitalik BUTERIN managed to found the Ethereum project and turn it into the second most important cryptocurrency brand after bitcoin.

In her book, Camila Russo spoke about the difficulties that programmers faced on the way to scaling the blockchain to make ETH a truly popular digital asset.

Image: Nerd on Tour

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