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PUBG To Receive Crypto Integration Through Refereum

A blockchain-based marketing and rewards company Refereum has announced its partnership with famous PUBG, potentially bringing crypto literacy to a large section of the gaming community.

According to the announcement, Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds will receive RFR tokens as in-game currency that players can earn through completing in-game achievements such as daily logins, winning matches and various other tasks that the PUGB development team comes up with. Although RFR tokens cannot be withdrawn, players will still have the ability to use them for in-game purchases such as skins for weapons.

According to Esportsbets.ru, there are nearly 8 million users that have purchased PUBG and well over a couple of million daily players. Having exposure to this many players is predicted to do wonders for the blockchain market, by potentially enticing players to enter.

The Refereum team themselves have mentioned that their token is designed to compensate players, streamers, content creators and pretty much anybody involved in promoting the games by playing them. The team believes that these people don’t get enough compensation for their efforts, therefore they wanted to create a possibility for everybody to make “donations” and tips to streamers and YouTubers alike.

The partnership is going to last until August 20th, after which the Refereum team will probably target new games that are popular at the moment and that come with in-game currencies.

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