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Powerful corporate alliance to deliver in-browser payments soon

W3C, the World Wide Web Consortium, including but not limited to Apple, Google, Facebook, Microsoft and Mozilla, is currently developing a promising technology that will allow in-browser cryptocurrency payments.

The alliance of this companies is powerful and with the forces combined, will surely get developed what all members want. For users, this collaboration means that the API will appear not exclusively on Apple devices or on Facebook, but rather, it will be available both on Chrome, Edge, Webkit, Firefox, Samsung browser and Facebook built-in application browser as well. The code will make fiat and cryptocurrency payments available from a simple menu.

Ian Jacobs, the head of W3C payment department, told the media: this is a perfect moment for developers to propose their blockchain payment solutions to be included in the list of options. The first tech demo will be shown on October 23 and will involve Airbnb, Google and Mastercard payments.

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