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OpenEsquire and Polybird Partner to Bring Tokenized ISAs to Market

Open, ESQ LLC and Polybird Exchange announced their partnership to launch an end-to-end market solution for tokenizing, issuing, and trading Income Share Agreements (“ISAs”) using the Ethereum blockchain (“Tokenized ISAs”).

OpenEsquire is a Brooklyn-based legal technology consulting firm specializing in organizational programming, tokenization of assets and deploying related applications (“dApps”) leveraging the OpenLaw platform and Ethereum blockchain network. Polybird is a regulated securities token exchange in the US, offering a platform for digital assets to reach a global community of investors and traders in a compliant and efficient manner to raise capital and enable liquidity.

As detailed by an MOU, the details of which are stamped into an Ethereum digital asset (NFT), OpenEsquire and Polybird will cooperate to develop and engage additional partners in delivering a Tokenized ISA Portal built among OpenEsquire dApps, Polybird Exchange, IPFS and Ethereum in Q3 2019.

Among other things,the Tokenized ISA Portal is designed to allow ISA providers and students an opportunity to access model income share agreements and execute these arrangements in just a few clicks utilizing the OpenLaw library and API, with Ethereum-based tokenization and tamperproof records on IPFS immediately offered by OpenEsquire to facilitate secure trading of tokenized ISAs on Polybird, broadening investment opportunities and allowing liquidity to ISA providers in a market primed as an alternative to student loans.

Image courtesy of Coincentral

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