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Ontology (ONT) Partners With ParityGame Developers, Launches New Platform

13 February 2019 07:31, UTC

31-01-2019 11:55:39  |   Investments
On February 12, Ontology, the public blockchain developer, announced a partnership with ParityGame game developer to create a gaming platform based on Ontology open source technology, according to a document published on Medium.

28-01-2019 16:16:31  |   Analytics
Ontology will also provide financing and marketing for the project as part of the partnership. Apart from the tasks associated with the new platform development, the partnership also assumes support for the Skrskins marketplace project: it is planned to introduce blockchain into the sphere of game items and assets. According to the duo, this will provide users with more efficient and transparent trading of game assets. There are about 500,000 registered users, where the most active community is about 60,000 people.

In addition, Ontology and ParityGame agreed to transfer the majority of games to the Ontology blockchain. The game developer has released more than thirty H5 mini-games, and the companies are planning to move seven of these mini-games to the Ontology blockchain in the nearest future.

Image courtesy of ZyCrypto