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NFT With Photos of Donald Trump Is Up For Sale For 240 Ethereum

Anna Martynova

Creatd announced the release of an NFT featuring three photos of Donald Trump. NFT is currently valued at 240 Ethereum, which is approximately $1 mln. The digital image will include three photos of Trump taken long before he officially ran for the presidency of the United States.

Creatd will be selling its NFT collection on the popular NFT marketplace called OpenSea. Trump's photographs are from the Creatd OG Collection, which holds thousands of photographs, illustrations and videos from the archives of Bob GUCCIONE, an artist and photographer who once owned publications such as Viva and Penthouse.

The company's shares are currently up 7.5%. The NFT will include a high-resolution JPEG and the purchaser will also receive a large 1/1 print of the specified photograph in a gilded frame.

Image: Business Insider

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