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MrBeast Burger Offers Elon Musk A Dogecoin Deal

Anna Martynova

The Twitter account of the fast food restaurant chain MrBeast Burger posted a message to Elon MUSK with a proposal to retweet the post, and then MrBeast Burger will start working on the adoption of Dogecoin. However, Tesla's CEO ignored the tweet. But Doge co-founder Billy MARKUS didn't.

Billy Markus retweeted MrBeast's message instead of Musk, admitting that he's not such a big influencer but would do it anyway. Billy Markus also urged the Dogecoin community to show that the Doge Army is strong enough without Elon Musk's retweet and can provide the necessary engagement for MrBeast Burger. Markus then wrote that Doge is great for tipping on the internet and tagged sodogetip (an online Dogecoin tipping bot) by sending a 6.9 DOGE tip to MrBeast Burger's account.

Elon Musk recently addressed the fast food chain McDonald's with an offer to accept Dogecoin. McDonald's politely refused to accept the meme coin. However, the tweet of the head of Tesla received support on the official Burger King Twitter page. The latter posted a vague response that the Doge community interpreted as an interest in their favorite cryptocurrency.

Image: MEAWW

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