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Minswap DEX Launched on Cardano Mainnet

09 March 2022 13:00, UTC
Anna Martynova

Multi-pool decentralized exchange Minswap has announced its launch on the Cardano mainnet. Its users can now deposit liquidity in exchange for rewards and swap tokens in a decentralized way. Yield farming will be available on the exchange from March 14th. Minswap completed the audit in collaboration with software development company Tweag.

In September, Minswap was launched on the Cardano testnet prior to the launch of smart contract functionality. However, its launch has been controversial due to the “concurrency” issue that prevents the swap of tokens. Faced with backlash from Cardano's detractors, Minswap said it was working on a solution to the problem.

According to data provided by crypto analytics platform DefiLlama, Minswap's committed assets (TVL) currently stands at $48.87 mln. SundaeSwap, which launched on the mainnet at the end of January, currently has a TVL of $121.75 mln, making it the largest Cardano DEX at the moment.

Image: Coinscreed