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Ledger Offers Bitcoin Rewards For Information On Data Attacks

14 January 2021 15:00, UTC
Anna Martynova

Ledger says that in addition to data leaked last year, another 20,000 users were affected by the Shopify incident last summer. The company has published a detailed blog post detailing its recent history of leaks and phishing attacks that have compromised the personal information of hundreds of thousands of its customers over the past few months.

In another somewhat disappointing turn of events for Ledger users, the company revealed that they discovered a customer data leak for 20,000 “new” users during the Shopify incident in the summer of 2020. The most recent incident occurred in December when Shopify told Ledger that a "malicious member" of the e-commerce giant's support team had received customer transaction data from Ledger and other companies.

In response, Ledger has taken a number of measures, including a 10 BTC reward, which the company distributes to anyone who provides information leading to the identification, arrest and successful prosecution of cybercriminals. The company also hopes to convince others in the crypto industry to join the initiative. In the future, Ledger will delete the data of its e-commerce partners and move customer data into a database that cannot be accessed from the Internet.

Image: Daily Crypto Feed