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Ledger Integrates Support For Binance Chain

24 April 2019 08:42, UTC
 few days after the news about Binance moving off the Ethereum blockchain to its own blockchain, the manufacturer of hardware wallets Ledger announced the support for the new Binance Coin (BNB) blockchain. According to the statement, users will be able to trade coin on the mainnet.

Also, Binance announced the launch of a decentralized exchange (DEX), which should start operating soon. DEX will use the new Binance Chain token, which is already supported by the wallet. Earlier, Ledger had been testing out the Binance testnet and has since been adapted to the new blockchain. Also, an application will be implemented in Binance Chain that will allow users to keep tokens safe while trading.
“Your private keys remain securely stored on your hardware wallet, meaning the access to them remains restricted and offline. This is a major security boon",
— Ledger said in their statement. Ledger’s CEO Eric Larchevêque commented on the high level of security, noting that “investors can now trade assets through the Binance DEX with unparalleled security assurance that the Ledger Nano S provides.”

Image from Ledger website