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Kraken no longer accepts dollar

As seen from the official Twitter account of the popular cryptocurrency exchange called Kraken, it has disabled the option to add United States dollars to accounts:

This recent announcement for some investors may mean that they are going to have to reconsider their plans connected with dollar. Meanwhile, Euro is still available.

The decision of Kraken might be motivated by its ongoing process of engagement with banks, as it has also recently decided to restrict Japanese yen deposits due to the issues connected with SMBC, a Japanese bank.

The exchange called Kraken has been established in 2011 and has been seen engaging with Mt Gox, but in a positive way: amidst the collapse of that infamous cryptocurrency exchange which led to Bitcoin losing 94% it has helped some investors to get their money back, judging from various sources on the Internet.

The DDoS attack on this exchange once led to some traders collectively suing the organization, plaintiffs implied the market manipulation. It has also went offline in February this year. This indicates the underdeveloped nature of such organizations.

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