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KFC makes a Bitcoin Bucket of chicken, it’s quickly sold out

According to the official twitter of KFC, this company familiar to millions all over the world has decided to play on the interest of those who are often called “millennials” nowadays - or just attract those who love to use Bitcoin as a payment method, regardless of their age. Now one can order a bucket of chicken and waffle fries using the most famous cryptocurrency in the world.

The bucket costs $25 in Bitcoin and can be delivered to the doorstep of the one who ordered it. The official Twitter of the Canadian branch of KFC is currently filled with various jokes on Bitcoin and this bucket, and notably enough, the bucket became quickly sold out. The company representatives promised to “mine some more” and tell that Bitcoin is now backed by fried chicken assets.

Some users suggest including Bitcoin Cash into this promotional event as well, but the company apparently decided not to do it to avoid confusion between these two currencies or for some other unspecified reason.

Bitcoin is currently worth $13,300, which makes the $25 dollar buying of one Bitcoin Bucket equal to 0.001885 bitcoins.

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