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It’s Not Just Mining: Douglas County To Establish Blockchain Campus

Denis Goncharenko

According to the Seattle Times, Douglas County in Washington State is becoming another blockchain technology hub. The region is already known as the "Crypto Mining Town" for the last couple of years. Now, the district leaders plan to establish a "Blockchain Innovation Campus" to develop the industry further.

Between 2017 and 2018, crypto investors moved to the region in search of cheap hydropower, the well-known Bitmain mining giant among them. The company opened a mining farm worth $20 mln. However, the crypto market decline stopped the tide of crypto enthusiasts coming to the area.

27-11-2018 12:36:00  |   Technology
The decrease in the mining efficiency and profitability severely affected the development of the industry in Douglas County. Understanding the trends of the market, the officials of the county decided to diversify and develop: now it is not only about mining, but it is also about the blockchain education.

The executive director of the Port of Douglas County Lisa PARK noted that "there is more to the [cryptocurrency] story than the boom and the bust". Lisa Park and her compatriots are investing in an educational project, counting on the developers’ support and involvement. If the project succeeds, Douglas County will find industrial application for the blockchain and attract even more money to the region, amid a general stagnation on the crypto market.

Earlier, we wrote that the new governor of Wyoming appraised blockchain and crypto startups, promising more support in the state.

Image courtesy of Politico

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