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IOTA Integrated Staking Feature With Two Network Tokens As A Reward

Anna Martynova

The IOTA blockchain platform has released a desktop version of the Firefly wallet 1.3.0 with the IOTA coin staking feature (MIOTA). As a reward, network users will receive a Shimmer (SMR) or Assembly (ASMB) cryptocurrency. For staking MIOTA, it is necessary to install the Firefly 1.3.0 program, start the software and go to the staking section, click on the stake funds option and confirm the operation.

Until December 27th, it will go through the pre-staking phase, after which IOTA will start paying dividends. Every 10 seconds, holders will receive 1 SMR or 0.000004 ASMB for each MIOTA coin. Tokens will be transferred after that, as the value of the reward will reach 10 mln SMR or 1 ASMB. In general, the staking period will last 90 days.

After starting the service, users are confronted with the bags, however, the current wallet works without errors in standard mode. The malfunctions may have been caused by overloading the block due to the excitement around innovation.

Image: BTC-Echo

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