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IOTA Finds Implementation In A Platooning Prototype For Automobiles

The young developers and scientific assistants from the Fraunhofer Blockchain Laboratory group, led by Prof. Dr. med. Gilbert FRIDGEN from the Fraunhofer FIT (Germany), created an innovative prototype that uses vehicle sensor data for real-time exchange utilizing the IOTA blockchain, is stated in the press release of the institute.

05-12-2018 14:59:00  |   Technology
During the work on the prototype, the data transmissions and financial transactions were made between automobiles. The primary purpose of the prototype was to test the autonomous automobile close distance column driving, which is called platooning.


The basis for the process was the exchange of data between vehicles, from distance sensors and automatic steering and pedals. As a result of the digital data exchange, cars can be connected into an automatically controlled column. The resulting savings are reflected in the compensation system. The team also developed car models to verify the concept. Such development opens up new perspectives for the growth of autonomous driving.

With this prototype, the team participates in the international MOBI Grand Challenge project supported by well-known brands such as BMW, Bosch, GM, IBM.

Image courtesy of Fraunhofer FIT

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