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Investor Mike Novogratz not pleased with market dynamics, holds off on crypto hedge fund launch

As reported by the media which often tells about latest news of finance and cryptocurrencies, the prosperous investor, Mike Novogratz, is not pleased with the current dynamics of market and Bitcoin’s price trend in particular, this being the primary reason why he is now postponing the launch of his cryptocurrency hedge fund. It is worth mentioning that by far, he has been one of the most optimistic predictors of the price of Bitcoin, and his prognoses about ten and twenty thousand dollar maximums of Bitcoin turned out to be true one by one.

The news arrives amidst the recent dynamics of the price of Bitcoin, which, after the achievement of 20,000 per one digital coin (unimaginable in summer this year!) is starting to fade and even the occasional growth in the past Saturday did not help it to reach stable 15,000 USD again. At the press time, the average Bitcoin price is almost precisely $13,000, but the most recent price of volatile cryptocurrencies is better to check on one’s own, using Coinmarketcap — the aggregator of the prices from major cryptocurrency exchanges.

Meanwhile, the same website quite evidently demonstrates that the during the past weekend (23-24 December) Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, Litecoin and many other cryptocurrencies became cheaper as well. The energetic and stable growth of the cryptocurrency market might have paused, and it’s either Novogratz is right or the growth will resume, but will have more bearish activity, or occasional price downfalls.

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