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Hackers Stole $3.8 Bln Worth of Cryptocurrencies in 2020

Anna Martynova

According to Atlas VPN research published on January 12, 2021, blockchain-related attacks last year cost their victims $3.8 bln. The numbers are based on data provided by the Slowmist Hacked security team and include information on disclosed attacks targeting projects, applications and blockchain tokens, as well as cryptocurrency fraud, which accounted for about 13% of all blockchain-related hacker attacks in 2020.

Decentralized applications (DApps) running on Ethereum were hit by 47 attacks with a current value of $436.36 mln, followed by crypto exchanges with 28 attacks with losses of $300.15 mln. Crypto wallets have been hit by 27 attacks and have been the most lucrative target for hackers. The loss from the attack was $3.03 bln. It also had the highest average value of stolen assets – $112 mln per attack.

The report notes an overall decline in attacks for the first time in five years. In 2019, 133 coordinated attacks were recorded targeting various platforms, applications and tokens. In 2020, that number dropped by 8% to 122.

Image: Happycoin Club

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