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Former Mt Gox leader: Bitcoin might have trouble with further development

Mark Karpeles, ex-CEO of Mt Gox, the giant collapsed cryptocurrency exchange platform, has recently voiced his opinion on Bitcoin and Ethereum. In his view, Bitcoin might have trouble with its further upgrades, while Ethereum is “too untested”.

Contrary to Nobuaki Kobayashi, Mt Gox trustee, Mr. Karpeles does not want to have deals with bitcoins he will receive as a result of the bankruptcy of the aforementioned exchange. Instead, he plans to return the funds to the owners who lost them, although his means of sensible verification of claimants remain unclear at the press time. Opinions whether Nobuaki Kobayashi actually manipulates the market or not may vary, but he has confirmed the existence of the deals connected with the part of the old Mt Gox fortune.

Meanwhile, the Twitter account @Bitcoin has been suspended due to the fact that its current owners are avid Bitcoin Cash advocates and their tweets were likely viewed as manipulative. This account has undoubtedly been one of the oldest connected with the topic of cryptocurrency and might have existed during the times Mt Gox still worked as intended. Roger Ver, Bitcoin Cash supporter, has already called the suspension a violation of freedom of speech, while also quoting one of Star Wars episodes:

Image courtesy of QUENTIN TYBERGHIEN / AFP / Getty Images

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