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Edward Snowden agrees ZCash is good, says Monero coding is amateur

Edward Snowden, the former NSA agent who made the presence of his agency’s tracking tools known to public and currently hiding in Russia, told on Twitter he agrees with the fact that ZCash is hard to ignore, as it’s designed by professional and academic cryptographists. He explained that while Bitcoin is attractive, it’s not as private, and to Edward Snowden, privacy always comes first.

Snowden was not so enthusiastic about Monero, telling it has traceability issues and designed by amateur cryptographists. The level of bias here is unknown, but as seen from the previous news, hackers prefer to use Monero instead of ZCash to hide tracks. Do they lack Snowden’s expertise and time after time choose a wrong privacy tool, or is Snowden just latently promoting ZCash?

Richard Spagni, one of the lead developers of Monero, and Charlie Lee, the creator of Litecoin, opposed this view on Twitter. While the former defended the credibility of coding, the latter simply stated he keeps funds in Monero (such simple statements from key market figures can change decisions of many people who trust their opinion).

Anyway, the competition between ZCash and Monero helps each other to develop faster in response to the development of the rival, which in the end is useful for both Monero and ZCash holders. At the press time, the price of Zcash is $257.14 and Monero’s value is $92.53.

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