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Domino’s Pizza And SingularityNET Join Forces To Develop AI

SingularityNET, a blockchain powered platform for the AI economy, announced a partnership with Domino’s Pizza in Malaysia & Singapore. Such development will enable SingularityNET’s decentralized community and AI researchers to build algorithms and solutions, leveraging the recently launched SingularityNET Beta platform and drawing insight from Domino’s vast data volumes.

As part of the partnership, SingularityNET will conduct feasibility studies, deliver AI-centric workshops, and offer several algorithms to improve Domino’s business operations. This provides new frontiers for Domino’s to delight its rapidly growing customer base in Southeast Asia.

01-03-2019 14:59:30  |   Technology
Also, Domino’s Malaysia and Singapore divisions will be using SingularityNET’s AGI utility tokens to enable the collaboration between the company and the wider ecosystem fostered by SingularityNET. Active developers will be able to collect the promised tokens as they deliver the desired AI services to Domino’s. Thus, SingularityNET is head-starting the use of the AGI token and establishing a new form of collaboration between enterprise customers and its global community of developers.

Image courtesy of Transitiv

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