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Dogecoin Price And Popularity Have Risen

Anna Martynova

Over the past week, the Dogecoin meme cryptocurrency has been enjoying much more interest from Google users. Dogecoin was roughly four times more popular than Bitcoin on January 29, according to Google Trends. Such dynamics can be traced mainly in the United States and in other countries, however, Russian users are still interested in Bitcoin.

Rock musician Gene SIMMONS tweeted earlier this week that he bought Dogecoin, XRP and other cryptocurrencies. Simmons' Twitter feed is now almost entirely Doge-themed memes and Dogecoin articles. On Saturday, Snoop Dogg posted on Twitter a thematic image mentioning Elon Musk's account. The musician's own pseudonym is combined with the name of the meme, and the result is «Snoop Doge».

Elon MUSK, in turn, continued the idea of the image he started on Thursday. The latest version features all three Dogecoin proponents. Over the past day, the Dogecoin rate has risen by about 20%. At the same time, it became the third cryptocurrency in terms of liquidation volume after Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Image: Focus

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