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David Sacks from ‘PayPal mafia’ predicts real estate tokens rise

Reports coming from the financial media tell about the view of yet another one of the members of the celebrated ‘PayPal mafia’ - the initial group of people behind the vast fiat payment enterprise. David Sacks thinks that real estate tokens would eliminate the problem of illiquidity discount - in other words, people would be more willing to exchange digital tokens than usual real estate assets.

This will even open up an opportunity to short real estate, David Sacks tells. This, however, raises a question about the future shape of the market, as the opening up short opportunities can lead to the price downfall. This has been confirmed in the report composed by the Federal Reserve branch about Bitcoin - and the findings were, in fact, based on the real estate downfall of the early 2000s connected with the emergence of new tools to bet on the pessimistic scenario.

23-01-2018 21:00:00  |   Guest posts

Bitnewstoday has published the opinion of Henry Wisbey-Broom from Freeofficefinder on the current state of the real estate market sentiment towards blockchain technologies. As he stated in January this year, the sphere has taken a wait-and-see approach, which may change after the statement of David Sacks and several other catalyst events.

Another PayPal member has made positive statements about Bitcoin, while famous entrepreneur Elon Musk (who also has connections to the ‘mafia’) prefers to stay neutral about the phenomenon.

Image: vator.tv

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