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Dash considerably grows, but this is not as hyped as the BCH growth

13 November 2017 21:00, UTC

While everybody was busy assessing the growth of Bitcoin Cash and what to do about it, another altcoin has also shown some very positive dynamics. Dash grew from $275 on November 7 to $435 16 hours ago, and now it’s $417.30 (a relatively small correction). This might be connected to its recent protocol update that is, as all cryptocurrency updates usually are, focused on improving the speed of transactions. This update made Dash transactions cost less than a cent. Dash is also, as some media outlets suggest, successfully expanding its influence on Asian market.

However, this cryptocurrency market sentiment is overall bullish this year, as one can verify by looking at the statistics from Coinmarketcap. CoinDesk experts suggest that if the currency manages to consolidate at $380-400 in the near future, it can lead to yet another rally above $500.

Altcoin creators, while fully aware it would be hard to compete with Bitcoin by now without offering anything new, often focus their projects on a particular theme. ZCash and Monero, for example, offer good privacy methods, with Monero becoming so successful in this that it, sadly, became one the main digital currencies hackers use today. Dash, in turn, offers user friendliness and on-chain scalability.