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Cryptocurrency became widely endorsed by celebrities

14 September 2017 21:00, UTC

The recent bullish trend of Bitcoin that supposedly ended during this week has attracted not only investors, but also the stars widely known to public.

John Cena, the famous wrestler and an Internet meme not so long ago, has recently posted an Instagram photo – a picture with stylized Bitcoins – with no description. However, the post gained 38,000 likes and appeared in the media outlets.

This was not the only celebrity to endorse cryptocurrencies. Since then, we have seen Armando Christian Perez “Pitbull” discussing altcoins with CNBC. Snoop Dogg, the rap star, mentioned Bitcoin on Twitter and provoked a discussion with his fans on the topic as well, Ashton Kutcher, the movie actor, and Mike Tyson, the famous retired boxer, talked about Bitcoin too.

Michelle Mone, the baroness, has decided to sell a luxurious apartment complex in one of the rich Persian Gulf countries for bitcoins, claiming this is the first real estate Bitcoin offer of its kind. Actually, there were some other offers before, but none was so big.

We have yet to see how at least part of these people react now that Bitcoin dramatically drops in price, but in the future, when the bulls will dominate the market again, there will undoubtedly be many more Bitcoin mentions by entertainers and movie stars.